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Channelling the Infinite:

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Empires of Eden : Channeling the Infinite

Rating 10/10


Empires of Eden is going to release a new album called “Channeling the Infinite” on the 1st of June. This album has some amazing guest vocalist, so if the music is ok, this can be a killer album.

Empires of Eden is an initiative from Stu Marshall (ex-dungeon) from Sydney, Australia. In 2009 he released his first project album “Songs of War and Vengeance”, in 2010 “Reborn in Fire”. For the new album “Channeling the Infinite” he has some very interesting vocalist singing on the album like Udo Dirkschneider, Rob Rock, Steve Grimmett, Mike Dimeo, Sean Peck, Ronny Munroe and more.

The album contains 13 songs with a playing time over 64 minutes of melodic power metal.

Rob Rock is the one to open the album on “Cry Out”, and it really kicks of very well. Extremely melodic metal, guitars screaming throughout the song, combined with Rob‘s voice makes this an excellent experience to listen to. Musically its full, never a dull moment!

In “Hammer Down”, Udo sings. This songs has a more German approach, a bit more straight forward and less melodic then the first one.

And after these two songs, the album just continues to deliver excellent power metal. Each with a different lead vocalist. And that makes this album very enjoyable to listen to. All songs have a very high quality power metal, but they’re not all the same.

Guitar solo’s are just excellent mixed with the vocal and supported by good drumming and basses.

The “Hammer Down All Star” version includes vocals from all vocalist on the album. This is a very nice one. Its gives the song very much extra dimensions. The combined vocals and guitar solo’s in the second part of the song are just excellent!

To come to a conclusion: this is a very nice project from Stu. His own musical experience is very visible (or hearable) on this album. Combines with the best of vocalist, this is indeed a killer album.


Empires of Eden : Channeling the Infinite

Rating 12/13


Conceived and orchestrated by Australian shredding maestro Stu Marshall (ex-Dungeon), the album features some of the most influential voices in metal. Loaded with 12 tracks of brain-blasting power metal, Channelling the Infinite features killer production and powerful, hook-laden music that will appeal to any aficionado. Each song is carefully crafted specifically to suit the singer involved, and designed to best complement their range and style. From there, the vocalists have complete freedom to write the lyrics and melodies, providing a unique insight into what truly inspires these artists.

In addition to the spectacular vocals, face-melting lead breaks and riffs that could take on a nuclear arsenal. Empires of Eden once again showcases the incredible cover art by L.A based "Alex Ruiz"

Producer Stu Marshall says, "I am overwhelmed by the power and emotion of the vocal performances that these amazing singers have brought to the album. It's pushed my playing to levels I never thought possible and has created the most well-rounded release I have ever been involved with. Writing for these incredible artists is a dream come true and the finished product has actually exceeded my expectations. Every song is filled with a passion and spirit that immediately grabs the listener; I am very excited for people to hear this album." Basically Marshall has brought together 'THE' finest collection of power metal vocalists currently plying their trade in the 21st Century, and I'm mightily impressed at the muther fuckers ' little black phone book!' Stu either has some excellent connections (most likely), or an even more excellent set of seedy negatives (sorry jpeg's) on all vocalists concerned.

I used to think that I could sing many years ago, but after listening to likes of Bob 'Reach Out' Rock, I realised my career as the next rock god was never going to work. Rock has one of those unmistakeable wails that threaten your hearing and the foundations of your neighbourhood. When he, and the other superb vocalists are matched with one of the finest metal guitarists around, your ears are in for a treat of the highest order (once the bleeding stops).

The biggest coup was getting UDO to play a part. Hammer Down fits UDO like a leather studded metal glove!

Sean Peck (Cage) appears the most, on Channelling The Infinite', and the bonus track 'Born A King', and brings together a blend of Helloween and Onslaught at their finest. Italian power pocket rocket Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge of Forever / Edens Curse and many other projects) appears on Lions For Lambs and has proven over the past 12 months to be one of the hardest working and finest vocalists in rock � and he can do it live! Carlos Zema on Cyborg has such a range to his vocals, at first I thought it was a duet! That's sick dude! Vo Simpson tears the place up on As Flames Scorch The Ground and is aptly named to match his range and Marshalls frenetic speed.

The last official track is the 'Stars' version of Hammer Down with vocals being shared by UDO, Rob Rock, Sean Peck, Carlos Zema, Vo Simpson, Ronny Munroe, and is a great way to finish of proceedings.

EoE is rounded off with Jasix Prowlingwolf (is there a better name in metal than this guy?) on drums. Just to be able to match Marshall's speed I think he's had to have an extra arm grafted on, the man's a human dynamo!

To be honest with ya, I can't find fault with any of the tracks on offer here, as all the vocalists brought in, excel to the max and it's unfair to miss any of them out. Grats to all concerned.

A special mention for Marshall also, as he plays throughout as if his and his family's life depends upon it. It's a shred-fest of the highest order. I loved 'Reborn In Fire' and Marshall has only gone and bloody topped it. I said it with Reborn and I will say it again now, you will hard pushed to find a better power metal album all year. Consistently brilliant!

My only regret is that there's more chance of Elton John going straight than me getting to see this band of many vocalists in action. C'mon Stu, you can do it!

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Empires of Eden : Channeling the Infinite

Rating 9.5/10


This is the third album Empires Of Eden and nothing less than first class, melodic power metal. Channelling the Infinite offers us the crème de la crème of heavy metal singers.

The album is full of Catchy melodies as well as ongoing complexity and technicality. The album offers fascinating developments making me want to listen more.

The album provides different vocal colors and a diverse range of vocal techniques giving the whole event a personal touch on each song, so that Channelling the Infinite" is never boring at any time. Rather, the 13 titles reveal and authentic and crafted vision.

Especially the latter point is due to the compositions and music, not only the vocal performances. The multi-talented Stu Marshall provides the finishing touchs. Without him Channelling The Infinite would not be created because Marshall is not only responsible for the recording, the mixing and mastering, but wrote all of the songs here. If that wasn't enough he also composed the orchestral arrangements as well as his guitar and bass contributions.

While this album will appeal to every listener as each voice presented is a matter of taste, the album presents a cross-section and illustrates a wide range. Channelling the Infinite has succeeded in all cases.

There a lot of heart and soul into this CD, which is to be heard well. Add to that power and convincing production which leaves the only real score we could offer on  9.5 points to assign to Channelling the Infinite.

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Empires of Eden : Channeling the Infinite



Empire of Eden is back with yet another awesome lineup featuring some of the best musicians on this Planet. It comes as no surprise that an Empire of Eden release will feature the exceptional guitar skills of Stu Marshall and a guest lineup that rocks therefore it should be expected that 'Channeling the Infinite ' would be yet another in a series of masterpiece releases. EoE delivers the goods and then some with the Vocal talents of Udo Dirkschneider, Rob Rock, Mike DiMeo, Steve Grimmett, Ronny Munroe, Sean Peck, Carlos Zema, Danny Cecati, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Louie Gorgievski and Vo Simpson. If that powerhouse lineup hasn't sold you on this release then there is no convincing me you rock.

Right off the bat the listener is faced with a tough decision : Listen from track one or jump around to get a taste of your favored vocalist feature. I went with the beginning to end option and it was impossible to choose a favorite tune. Ultimately you don't go into this dissecting the musicianship to see if it's worthy because that's a given but as is the case in most releases I managed to find three stand out tracks that help define ' Channeling the Infinite'.

' Hammer Down ' truly epitomizes metal from the first note to the last and Udo's vocals lay the groundwork for some amazingly crunchy guitar work. Check out the bonus all star version of this tune as well to see how adept Stu and crew are at making the same song totally different. It's almost like metaphysical metal. If you're looking for something that mixes the power of metal with intricate melody then look no further than ' Born a King '. Danny's vocals are outstanding, the guitars are simply off the chart and the message is empowering. Finally I had to go with ' Cry Out ' simply because of my admiration for the vocals of Rob Rock. Rob could sing the ingredients from a loaf of bread and it would kick ass.

No matter what I, or anyone else, has to say about Empire of Eden's latest release the best review is in the music. This speaks volumes on behalf of the musicians and states right out of the gate that this will be music to endure the test of time. How appropriate. It's almost as if they were channeling the infinite

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Empires of Eden : Channeling the Infinite
Rating 9/10



The all star heavy metal/power metal project of Australian colossal shred master Stu Marshall formerly of the metal band Dungeon; Empires of Eden is back!!! The third installment in the series that last time around featured a myriad of notable vocalists from the metal community, this one titled “Channeling the Infinite” does even one better with metal legends the likes of UDO and Rob Rock leading this all star ensemble. The last project was well received, but this time around the guest vocalists just take it to the next level, with a thundering road of ear shattering performances from all involved, something that Marshall has obviously taken a hold of , since he’s riffs are freaking huge and the’res defiant grooves and hooks the resonate on the whole album from top to bottom.

If you consider that this particular project was relatively unknown when their last record came out, the intense build up of known vocalists that have joined forces with Marshall has been noticeable and praiseworthy. If you think about successful past metal super groups, well that list is thin and the’re haven’t been many that have left a mark and have consistently dished out successful records, perhaps Avantasia and maybe the Arjen Lucassen Star One project was some of the few exceptions at least in terms of music quality, but on a greater commercial scale there hasn’t been many. I think Empires of Eden can change that and with their new album “CTI” they have taken a big step in the right direction.

The intensity of the music is what gets the record flowing with a charge from the onset. Marshall does a great job of laying down some dominating heavy metal/power metal riffage and lyrics that people like Rob Rock and UDO could just run away with. It shows on the opening track “Cry Out” which is led by a classic Rob Rock proving why he’s the king of melodic metal. The next tune really entwines the listener in the sick verses of UDO on the track “Hammer Down”, the Accept metal legend provides some freaking devilish hails and vocals that make this track jump out and give you shivers. That’s all well and dandy, but wait till you hear the all all star version of the same track featuring UDO, Rob Rock, Sean Peck, Carlos Zema, Vo Simpson and Ronny Munroe, just a sick rendition and real classic metal at it’s best with some molten harmonization.

Another favorite of mine is the song “Cyborg” lead by the great former vocalist of Outworld Carlos Zema, killer track with some more heart pounding hooks and a chorus that is dominated even more by the typical bombastic choruses. The more melodic metal/hard rock groove in “Your Eyes” has Mike Dimeo doing a fine job with this melodic number leaving up to the sultry guitar solos that dominate this tune which is a little more laid back from the rest of the album. The series of riot tunes keep volting forward with stunning intensity and ferocity when you listen to the title track lead by the one and only Sean Peck (Cage), the banshee spitfire vocals of Sean just turn the album inside out and add even more substance to the monster overall groove, as if it needed anymore?

This album was made for Metal fans by Metal prophets, it doesn’t get any better then all the great guest vocalist and musicians involved in this project. This time around the overall production is insanely better and more clean and Stu Marshall has to be commended for his sick guitar playing, the man can lay down some serious battle axe hymns man, holy crap. Is one after another and it doesn’t stop for all the 13 complete tracks, if you’re a big metal fan I can’t see you not buying this record when it comes out, it’s worth the support and the exposure even more so now then in the past. The cover artwork is just eye opening once again provided by artist Alex Ruiz, and yes I’m even giving a plug to the the concept artist. What more do you want from this project? It has all the qualities that any true metal fan needs, intensity…check, vicious and undeniably memorable hooks and wails…….check, pristine and crystal clear production….check, damage to your ears from listening to this ear shattering experience…… PRICELESS!!!!

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Empires Of Eden - Channelling The Infinite
Rating 9/10


This could be just another interesting Power Metal album, with top class music, and all the trademarks of the genre, if the roster of the participants didn't launch it sky high. This is the third album of Empires Of Eden, a band conceived by Stu Marchall, who also composed all the music. What makes it stand out of the ordinary is that each song is carefully written to fit the vocal capabilities of the singer, and trust me, we are talking about Champions League here. And as if this wasn't enough, each singer had the freedom to work on the lyrics and the melodies, so each song is truly a perfect sample of their work. And what a bunch of singers they are, starting from Rob Rock, UDO, Steve Grimmett, Mike Dimeo, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Sean Peck, just to name a few. All of the songs are moving on the same basic principles, they are catchy, melodic, and full of a groove that makes you move your head along with the rhythm. The music is basically Power Metal, but a more richer version of it, with enough complex elements, and touches from Classic here and there, that make things even better. While the vocals and their diversity dominate the songs, and draw the attention of the listener, there's no way we can't point out the excellent work in the music that has been done by Stu Marchall.

The majority of the songs are perfect, with a lot of interesting ideas, most of which are fully explored. With top class songs, plenty of melodies, a clear sound, musicianship that is way above the average, and a performance from some of the most respected vocalists in the genre, this album has all it takes to become a favorite. For fans of Power Metal, or Heavy Metal in general.

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Empires Of Eden - Channelling The Infinite
Rating 4.5/5


Shame on me, I hear the name EMPIRES OF EDEN and DUNGEON for the first time, and I get it now for the first time really.

Have I missed something too or is it better to have never seen anything really?
After hearing the first notes I only came once to the conclusion that I must close my education gap times ratzfatz probably because guitar-heavy heavy metal of the finest varieties me jump to normal. Logically, heavy metal forever "guitar-heavy", but if a guitar player, an "all-star band" establishes and songwriting is responsible, we hear more and more guitars than bands, which have more or less among all members of democratic runs ! But that is NOT a criticism!

The Australian STU MARSHALL (DUNGEON) gathered some luminaries of the "True and Melodic Metal" around him, because he probably decided to do something about the softness of "nu-rock and hip-hop" and the almost extinct cliché-fulfillment.

And that's the good STU too well succeeded because of support from ROB ROCK (IMPELITTERI, DRIVER, etc.), Mike DiMeo (Masterplan, RIOT), UDO DIRK SCHNEIDER (UDO, ACCEPT), SEAN PECK (CAGE), Steve Grimmet (GRIM REAPER ), RONNY MUNROE (METAL CHURCH, TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA), ALESSANDRO DEL Vecchio (UDO, HARD LINE), DANNY CECATI (EYEFEAR, PEGAZUS) and many more, were able to merge a very good headbanger who has all the features of good Heavy Metal's and never gets boring. This is ensured by including so many different voices and it's fun, ROB ROCK, Mike DiMeo and his associates to listen once again to how they can get out in the Metalsau so right, and may act out and can.

Despite the many very good singers and ambitious works, the project "EMPIRES OF EDEN -
Channeling the Infinite "is not such a good Metal Compilation but very homogeneous and self-standing. Of up to about rapid pounding of hard to epic anthemic sound is simply everything that is worth the heavy metal can enjoy listening ear.

A comparison with AVANTASIA is possible only because of the different singers, there is AVANTASIA up musically theatrical, whereas here just take the fat metal leg on the ears and all the musicians involved are only just managed to give their best. For more than 60 minutes here and consider leaving a bludgeoned, when was the last time you had an album on which it is really filler-free from start to finish, something stereotypical dripping but not interfering HEAVY METAL was?

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Empires Of Eden - Channelling The Infinite
Rating 4/5


The term 'Melodic Metal' may not sound tough. But assemble a stellar cast that includes Udo, Rob Rock(Impellitteri), Sean Peck(Cage), Steve Grimmett(Grim Reaper), Mike Dimeo(Riot) among others. Set it against a crushing wall of guitars, drums and bass. What do you get? You get a pulsating power metal masterpiece with balls. No lie. It's one of the best in that style I've heard in some time. Now for the bad news: You'll have to wait till June to get your paws on it. But it's worth the wait!

Eternal Terror

Empires Of Eden - Channelling The Infinite
Rating 4/6


Australian guitar maestro Stu Marshall brings another power metal product with Empires Of Eden, assembling some of the best singers from across the globe on these 13 tracks. “Channeling The Infinite” features Rob Rock, Udo Dirkschneider, Steve Grimmett, Mike Dimeo, Sean Peck for the veterans, and some of the unheralded power/progressive talent like Carlos Zema from Outworld, Danny Cecati of Eyefear/ Pegazus, and Alessandro Del Vecchio of Edge Of Forever among the 11 vocalists on display.

Highlights include the soaring, jackhammer Priest-like title track where Sean Peck resonates in his high power upper register, the Malmsteen-like bevy of neo-classical parts that drive the Rob Rock sung “Cry Out”, and the more dramatically driven “Born A King” which sounds like straight out of “Thundersteel” school from Danny’s sustained note holding mastery. One of the bonus tracks is another version of the song with Cage’s Sean Peck – and an all-star version of “Hammer Down” that isn’t necessary as Udo performs this mid-tempo head slammer perfectly with his normal metal panache.

Since Dungeon’s retirement, Stu continues to ply his songwriting craft with Empires Of Eden- another decent all-star project. Neo-classical power fans, rejoice!

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Empires Of Eden - Channelling The Infinite
Rating 7/10


If Dio were an angrier, taller, more alive man, he’d be one of the lead singers of EMPIRES OF EDEN. Who’s to say if that is a good thing? I think I am, by virtue of working freelance for Steinmetal as one of his many review minions, and also because I always enjoy validating my own opinions in spite of what everyone else alive says. To hell with them!

This is Power Metal, but not just Power Metal. It’s Power Metal that just violently shoved its face in the cocaine bucket and inhaled with full capacity. And I must say it does work. The riffing is a multi-layered sandwich of delicious guitar work and mayonnaise. The lead work is a great, creamy centre of our Power Metal Twinkie – and I don’t even like Twinkies! The drumming is as tight as a drum – I was hoping to analogize drums with drums at some point, and that sentence seemed like it was it.

As Power Metal goes, expect gigantic, operatic vocal work. You may either want to ride a majestic steed across the valley to slay some fantasy beasts with your broadsword and crossbow, or you’ll be indifferent to the whole deal. And at that point there is no point in trying to convince you. In short, you’ll either love the vocal work or find it exhausting. I liked it.

Top marks all around, basically.

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Empires Of Eden - Channelling The Infinite
Rating 7/10


EMPIRES OF EDEN is a project of the Australian Stu Marshall. In the past, he produced two albums with a solid lineup.
On the new album "Channelling the Infinite" he features eleven songs by eleven different singers, including such illustrious names as Udo Dirkschneider (UDO, ex-ACCEPT), Steve Grimmett (GRIM REAPER, ex ONSLAUGHT) and Rob Rock (ROB ROCK , ex AXEL RUDI PELL) to name only three.
These contribute to raising the awareness of this project well before I was aware of the music on the project, it's a nod to the past for such projects, including the successful and properly known by Avantasia Tobias Sammet (EDGUY).

Of course, this could also create a skepticism as one could also suggest an overkill of the singers that makes the album sound more like a sampler or the lack of musical quality of the renowned Stars covers may be intended.
But here, fortunately none of the case.

The melodic songs right through, are very catchy and convincing. Channelling the Infinite is a successful process that deserves to be heard and is certainly a love infused project with renowned singers and therefore highly recommended.


Reborn in Fire:


Empires Of Eden - Reborn in Fire
Rating 12/13


Jesus H Tapdancin’ Christ, this is some album we have here folks. For those not in the know (I was a non-believer until now), Empires of Eden represents a powerful voice in aggressive contemporary power metal. With a list of collaborators spanning several countries and a wide range of musical disciplines, this studio project is a veritable dream team of uncompromising artists cooperating in a framework which allows them to bring their finest talents to the table. While Empires of Eden has been created as a labour of love by virtuoso Stu Marshall - of Paindivision and Dungeon fame - the central philosophy is to give all the musicians as much freedom as they need to produce the best work they are able to. Drawing on influences as diverse as Helloween, Gammaray, Iron Maiden through to Cacophony and Arch Enemy, “Empires’” is a no compromise shred laden metal-wankery adventure that will excite guitar heads and metal fans alike.

Marshall either has good blackmail material on all singers concerned or he’s just a really nice bloke with an excellent little black address book! He leads an all-star cast of players, singers and writers who over the years have proven themselves to be some of the most exciting performers in modern 21st Century Metal. Including stars of the heavy metal scene like.....
Zak Stevens (Savatage / Circle II circle) , Mike Vescera (Yngwie Malmsteen / Loudness), Steve Grimmett (Grim Reaper / Lionshart), Sean Peck (Cage), Carlos Zema (Outworld), Zak Stevens (Savatage/Circle II Circle), Louie Gorgievski (Crimson Fire), Mike Zoias (Dune / Transcending Mortality), and Chriss Ninni who up until now is a decent session singer but with surely more to come from him.

While the initial framework for the songs has been created by Marshall, all singers have been instrumental in creating their own lyrics and melodies. This provides a wide ranging smorgasbord of vocal delights to Empires of Eden and again highlights the collaborative spirit that the project is built upon.
You take a huge chance in letting go of the reins in favour of this artistic approach, but its very clear from the off that all concerned share a collective disciplined and visionary approach all resulting in the same goal - quality metal, with soaring, melodic melodies, with excellent crafted choruses being the main artery running thru this excellent album

‘Of Light and Shadows’ pretty much sets the tone for the whole album, soaring and piercing vocals fill the space, or whats left of it after the technical wizardry of Marshalls playing an composition, Michael Vescera letting rip good and proper, you get the feeling that this is a band effort, after all the vocalists are singing their own written lyrics. This is the difference that makes Reborn In Fire really stand above its competition

The ‘Wall of Sound’ reverberates through the album, with Marshalls playing rages from neo-classical to full on power metal. ‘Total Devastation’ featuring Cage’s Sean peck, has never been so aptly named!

Highlights include the title track ‘Reborn In Fire’, ‘Of Light and Shadows’, ‘Total Devastation’ ‘Death machine’ and ‘Beyond Daybreak’. What the Hell, its all good!

'RIF' has a crisp clean and polished sound which Marshall can be very proud of. So not only a very accomplished musician, and has a good ear for his own production (talented bastard!!). Dont waste time listening to me, go out and buy the bloody thing, its one of the best albums you’ll hear this year - 9.5/10
"An album of majestic proportions" - 9/10 - 80/100
"Authentic, pure and inspired power metal" - "It's a great album" - 8.5/10
"Recommended listening for all power metal fans!" - 4/5

"Incredible production" - 90/100

Rockarea webzine
"Rebon in Fire is a very solid album" - 8.5/10